Wednesday, November 23, 2011


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We've had a lot of changes over here at esyringe. Which has put me behind on updating the blog. Sorry 'bout that.

We're hoping to get more information up here for those of you looking into hematology analyzers and syringes.

A very interesting press release from Horiba is shown below:

Horiba Instruments, Inc.
17671 Armstrong
Irvine, CA, 92614

POC CPA Compliant Clinical Chemistry and Haematology Assured by Pentra SAfe Solution

HORIBA Medical's secure access solution now enables remote working on ABX Pentra 400 and ABX Pentra 80 analysers

The ABX Pentra 400 can now be securely accessed remotely via the Pentra SAfe solution

Northampton, UK, - HORIBA Medical's Pentra SAfe secure access solution for remote analysis is now available for both the ABX Pentra 400 clinical chemistry analyser and ABX Pentra 80 haematology analyser - both ideal for remote 'hot lab' locations. The Pentra SAfe solution provides remote Point-of-Care (POC) managers full, secure access to all software on these analysers as if they were standing in front of them. This new development follows the Pentra SAfe solution's highly successful initial launch in conjunction with the ABX Pentra 60 C+ bench top haematology analyser which enabled CPA compliant POC haematology service provision with this analyser.

Clinical Pathology Accreditation (CPA) (UK) Ltd specifies requirements for the quality and competence of POC testing. It is essential for CPA accreditation and subsequent patient safety purposes that all analysers within POC and 'hot lab' environments, such as A&E, clinics, healthcare centres and community hospitals, have password protection and full audit trails available. The HORIBA Medical Pentra SAfe solution meets these needs and provides CPA compliant POC testing within such environments.

In line with CPA requirements, the Pentra SAfe solution can provide a full audit trail of all personnel who have processed samples using the ABX Pentra 400 and ABX Pentra 80. This is possible since this desktop secure access solution requires a username and password to access the analysers' operating systems. By only assigning a password to fully trained personnel, POC Managers can monitor the competency of individual users in a POC location to guarantee quality of results and ultimately the safety of patients.

In addition to the password functionality of the Pentra SAfe solution, which locks the analyser's screen after it has been idle for a user defined time period, the new solution now enables fully secure remote access for POC Managers to all ABX Pentra 400, ABX Pentra 80 and ABX Pentra 60 C+ analysers under their supervision. Remote bidirectional access functionality means the Manager can access all files and run the analyser as if they were in front of it, except for physically loading samples. This means they can monitor in real time performance of users, patient results, reagent levels, instigate a cleaning cycle and even monitor the Quality Control performance of the system as required.


Press Release source is here

Thursday, September 15, 2011


esyringe got a facelift. It was fun to see the transformation, and a bit frustrating.

I was, of course, blamed for customizing the html so a feature wouldn't work. Turns out, that feature isn't enabled, period. So I was vindicated of my unjust accusations!

And every time I turn around, something else that needs attention crops up. Never a break! So, back to the grind.

This is life at esyringe. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sales Promotion!! Can I get a What-What?!

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We don't do promotions often, so take advantage! It's only valid until 9/9/2011.

Don't miss out!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Sales are coming in nice and steady. I love the website. Makes everything so much easier. Kind of like the Staples' "easy button":

- copyright Staples easy and all that...

I've always wanted one!

Monday, August 22, 2011


My first day back to work after nine weeks. Summer quarter is finally over. An accelerated program is almost too much work to expect of someone. But esyringe doesn't hire no dummies (pun intended).

So here I am, with piles of inventory on my desk because it became a convenient place to set things down. Oh, well. It's inventory I need to look at, anyway.

Getting back into the swing of things has been nice. Got some paperwork done, had lunch, came back and am now writing a blog. Not much to complain about.

Tomorrow will be a whole other bag of chips. Research to be done, for sure. Well, back to *real* work. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I have been away for quite a while now, and the company is still moving along fine without me.

I wish there were some great catastrophe that only I could fix, but that's pretty selfish. So I smile and accept that esyringe ran fine before me and it will continue to do so even after I leave for a while.

But (never fear!) I will be coming back to work at the end of August. I'm very excited about this. School has been difficult, but the MBA program is teaching me things that can be implemented immediately.

I'm pumped to get started on it!

This is life away from esyringe... and, even while away, life is still about esyringe.