About Us

This blog was created to keep friends and customers informed of some of the less business-like goings-on at esyringe. I hope you enjoy what you find here -- and don't take it too seriously! 

Here's the official about us info: 
  • We provide only quality syringes, needles, probes and pumps
  • We promise friendly, convenient and quick service
  • We do what is right
  • We support our community and environment

esyringe™ is a privately-held corporation.  

Since inception we have grown to become the preferred supplier of syringes for a diverse range of companies in the areas of healthcare, manufacturing and research. 

esyringe™ is an authorized reseller for many leading manufacturers and able to fulfill orders from both domestic and foreign manufacturers. 

Purchases can be made by individual unit, bulk orders and automated calendar shipments. 
Owing to our extensive databases and archived product records, we also have the ability to fulfill orders based on highly-specialized criteria, including product lines by manufacturers that are no longer in business.  

If need be, individual units or even entirely new product lines can be custom manufactured based on your specifications. Contact Us if you have a product suggestion. 

For more information about who we are, go to esyringe.com or see our Newsletters page.