Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Busy Work

Sometimes life is full of busy work. We keep spinning our wheels, hoping something will happen -- will change. It doesn't mean we're upset with where we are at, just that we don't want to be there forever. So we hope. And we work. 

It is hard work. 

This is life at esyringe. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Recently life has been a little crazy; for me, at least. But that's when I realize what a blessing it is to work with my family.

My parents are very understanding, and I've seen a change in them. Less micromanaging from the boss, for sure.

I imagine these posts will continue to reflect my mood swings regarding work and family.

This is life at esyringe.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Okay, maybe I was pessimistic about my family earlier. Being around them is actually fun. We can be relaxed with each other and goof off. The almighty Company is not glowering over your shoulder as you work. We allow autonomy and creativity into our workplace (doesn't that sound like an ad? But it is true).

Working with your parents is difficult at times -- especially when trying to come to a decision, but you have a bond there that you don't have at a normal workplace. I may not have too much freedom, but my opinions are heard (if I yell loud enough).

This is life at esyringe.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Cat

We have a cat at esyringe. Her bed is a bath towel on a gorilla shelf. Sometimes she agrees to stay there. Most times she likes attention. Doing your job on the computer is not a worthy excuse for not petting her. She thinks that the best way to be petted is to lay down on your keyboard. 

I think that the oatmeal: cat vs. the internet has perfectly described what my cat is like (no use reinventing the wheel, right). 

This is life at esyringe.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Running a business isn't easy. Saying that is very easy; I've said it for years. I don't think I really understood "not easy" until this past month while working at esyringe. 

A company that deals with hundreds of customers and several suppliers requires a lot of attention. Not just to the big picture, but also to the details. The details are what's killing me right now. I'm very particular; the webpage has to look just... so. And then someone - *ahum* maybe a family member - looks over my shoulder and tells me it needs to be revamped. 

And who actually appreciates or likes someone looking over their shoulder anyway? The only thing they tell you is what you were thinking yourself seconds before it spills out of their mouth. 

For the person running the business, these details are hard to walk away from or to delegate. The details are what they have been focused on for years. But now it's time to step back. And that's hard too. 

This is life at esyringe. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

To Start

I work with my parents at a company that they created years ago. Sometimes we actually get along. Other times we end up in a yelling match over the best way to label inventory. 

I wish I worked with complete strangers. Then we would at least have to be civil. But it's not all bad; I get paid occasionally. 

I'm an out-loud thinker, no one else in the office is. I let the computer know when I'm mad at it. And no, it's never operator error (okay, maybe sometimes it is... maybe 80% of the time it's OE... but never more than 85%... or 90%). 

I'm not sure that anyone other than me wants to read this blog. Hopefully it becomes enjoyable to others. We'll see. 

This is life at esyringe.