Thursday, February 17, 2011


Recently life has been a little crazy; for me, at least. But that's when I realize what a blessing it is to work with my family.

My parents are very understanding, and I've seen a change in them. Less micromanaging from the boss, for sure.

I imagine these posts will continue to reflect my mood swings regarding work and family.

This is life at esyringe.

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Mark said...

where to start? what do i say? it has been fun having leslie in the office. she brings energy and creativity back. basically she does her thing and i keep to myself and when i ditch work, it's nice to know that mark has company. when you work in a building all by yourself, it can be quite monotonous.
of course, work is never ditched because i am out doing company errands and always answering my business calls on my cell phone:)
checking my email at all times of the day so as not to miss any international requests.

now back to leslie, she has not lost her habits, in fact, she's learned a few new ones. it's so exciting to see her blossom and hope that she truly brings the company to its next level.

bye for now. we'll see what this next week brings especially when she no longer is working part time elsewhere!